“The following explains why I set up ‘Crossroads’. It’s an issue very close to my heart and is there for valid reasons. I believe we can all pull together to help others. It takes no time or effort to help, please take time to read and think about who you may know that just needs a little lift. Thank you.”

“There are times in all our lives when we get the opportunity to stop and re-think the direction we are taking. The choices we make can have a profound impact not only on our lives, but those of others; people who are close to us, family and friends and perhaps people we don’t yet know.

Events in our lives stay with us forever. From the day we are born all the way through to the end, those positive memories and the not so positive. Unfortunately, each one of those negative events, no matter how small leaves a scratch on the record that is our mind. Over time, the more scratches that are left the more damaged our mind becomes.

During my life, there is no doubt I have had my fair share of good times and also a reasonable share of scratches! Over recent years I have come to various ‘Crossroads’ which I had hoped would lead to more positive memories. Unfortunately that has not been the case, and regrettably my choices left a significant number of scratches, which finally resulted in my record to become unplayable. In 2011 I was diagnosed with severe Depression and Anxiety leading me to consider closing the door on it all for good.

But… I was amazingly lucky. I have the unwavering support of my wife, her family and my children, some friends and also the NHS Mental Health team. Others however, are not so fortunate and they are left to fight this all illness on their own. It may be that the stigma of owning up to having problems is too great for some, others may fear the loss of employment, self-esteem, pride or just perhaps do not recognise their illness.

You may be thinking that it’s not serious, that everyone has ‘sad, low’ days and that all we need to do is ‘pull ourselves together’. Well, unfortunately it’s just not that simple… The symptoms of Depression frequently lead to Anxiety and vice versa and it can feel so overwhelming to manage the symptoms of them both. Often, you are not aware of how your feelings are changing or indeed why you feel the way you do. So much comes from the sub-conscious mind and as it reaches the conscious mind the feelings can be so overpowering they create a sense of helplessness, despair and catastrophe.

1 in 3 people will suffer at some point in their life from Depression and, only 25% of these sufferers will receive professional help. Look around you. Do you really know how the people in your life are feeling, coping, living? They may look OK, even sound OK (you do become skilled at masking the illness). There are a lot just there, aren’t there?

Feeling this way led me to re-evaluate my life, my goals and my aspirations and ask the question, “What have I really achieved and more importantly, what have I really done for others?” It’s very easy to get drawn into today’s consumer and 24/7 culture of ‘must have… the biggest house, the newest phone, the most expensive, fastest car’ etc. and easy to forget that we are all here to serve, to support and to encourage.

‘Crossroads’ is my response to this life changing experience and Mx2 Interiors is the vehicle which I hope, will enable us to help others in need of support. We donate a % of the profits from each and every order Mx2 receives to one of our partner charities. These charities have a link to my illness in some way and I would like to support them in helping others. But for this to work I need your help. Once your order has been placed and the project completed you choose a charity that you would like us to support from the ones shown on this page and we will do the rest, making the donation from Mx2’s profits. This donation will hopefully go some way to providing support for those sufferers who need professional help and also help the charities raise awareness of the illness so those who suffer in silence can come forward for help in a supporting way.

Having reached another ‘Crossroads’ as I hopefully emerge from the worst of my illness, I can see that it would have all been for nothing if I don’t learn from the experience and choose a brighter, better, serving road. I hope you will support us by helping others at their ‘Crossroads’ by appointing us to help you.”

Thank you. Tim Medlycott – Director

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