“Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you only have one.” – Emile Chartier – French Philosopher

What we mean is that when a person or organisation has only one idea they are at risk of just seeing things in that one way, becoming obsessed with the idea and not seeing a world of opportunities that present themselves.
This is never more apparent when considering how to make the most of an office move, a refurbishment or a new build. Discussing all opportunities with a variety of people and organisations is vital to the success of the project. It’s about managing change, with change being the one constant in today’s fast moving, real time 24/7 world.

We use our own discussion and ideas format based on what we call, responsivesmalllogo. This format will help you and Mx2 Interiors work our way through the complexities of your workplace change. It’s an exciting time being able to craft your workplace to how you want, but so many opportunities are missed if not all options are explored.

By using responsivesmalllogo as a discussion tool Mx2 Interiors design and build workplaces that:

  • Innovate
  • Improve staff recruitment and retention
  • Enhance motivation and increase productivity

We explore through discussion your views, desires, needs and objectives. These are not solely design ideas
but titles that can be associated with activities, functions, staff welfare and your vision. By discussing each area we draw up a blueprint of your needs and desires, this in turn assists us in creating your responsivesmalllogo.


Communicate[d]? speaks for itself?or does it?
Definition of ? communicate

Share or exchange information, news, or ideas.
"the prisoner was forbidden to?communicate with?his family"
liaise,?be in touch,?be in contact,?be in communication,?make contact,?have dealings,?interface,?commune,?meet,?meet up

Whatever you do, whatever the layout, whatever the colour, it goes without saying communication is the key. Not only in the way the office operates but also in the process of workplace and cultural change. Good dialogue and honest feedback will stimulate the change you need to be top of your market. Never thought your office could have such an impact on your business, think again. Never has it been so important.


Stimulate[d] ? daring to be different?
Definition of - stimulate

To fill (a person/organisation) with ideas or enthusiasm:?he/they is/are stimulated by the challenge. (Physiology)?physiol?(tr) to excite etc) with a stimulus
to encourage (something) to start or progress further:
Her infectious enthusiasm and personal encouragement stimulated many younger scientists to work in the field.
The industry suggests a number of changes, which it said would contribute towards stimulating economic growth and development

It?s about creativity ? colours, looks and ideas, no matter how bizarre.

There is no right or wrong. From all ideas comes discussion. From discussion comes stimulation; from stimulation comes excitement and enthusiasm. A challenge to the norm will often create new ideas as to do the same thing over and over? let us leave the final word on this point to Henry Ford, founder of the Ford motor company?

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. ?
Henry Ford (1863-1947), American founder of the Ford Motor Company


Animate[d] - bringing your office to life?
Definition of?animate

give inspiration, encouragement, or renewed vigour to: she has animated the government with a sense of political direction

A cartoon drawing is just that, a drawing. It adds no value until the animator makes them move. With Responsive-office we ask you to consider how making the environment and the furniture work for the user, and not the other way round could have a dramatic positive effect.

Imagine, adaptability, adjustability, flexibility - bringing together the power created by inspired staff and flexible office environments. True ergonomics across the office in action?


Activate[d] ? harnessing the power of movement
Definition of?activate

make (something) active or operative.
"fumes from cooking are enough to activate the alarm"
synonyms: operate, switch on, turn on, start, start off, start up, set going, get going, trigger off, trigger, trip, set in motion, actuate, initiate, initialize, energize, animate

?Switch on?, ?initiate?, ?energise?. That?s what we do here. We analiyse all the natural movement within your office, discover why it?s there and what benefit it gives your organisation. We want to capture that energy and turn it into a dynamic workplace designed to inspire and enthuse.

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