If your need is for interior design or for construction work in any form of building from airport lounges, offices & business centres, to warehousing, schools & churches we can assist in the process of creating an interior to be proud of. It doesn’t matter how big or small your project is, so please do speak to us. We have many projects of varying works, refurbishing toilets, building mezzanine floors to replacing a series of doors right through to the design, construction and relocation of companies where our team of listening experts refurbish, relocate, reinvent or recycle anything to do with your interior.

Perhaps you need to create more space by knocking that wall down, or create a new room by relocating a door or two, or as in many cases, improve the acoustics to create more privacy in your building. We have some useful information on acoustics by the way. Take a look at the usefulinfo page, we have a brochure on that tricky issue

These are all valuable projects to us and we approach them all in the same professional way.

Why don’t we come an have a look at your need?

"I know when I was a kid we used to throw the football out of a first floor window. We never went to a play space; the play space began immediately. Play was inspired, not organised."Louis Kahn – Architect