Design & Build – Fit Out

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, the important thing is to arrive at a solution that really meets your needs.
Have you been asked to move or refurbish your office? Never done it before..? Relax!

The Design & Build process has been designed for you. If you want someone to take you through the process stage by stage, then that’s us and your Property Agent. Don’t have one? We can introduce you to a selection with whom we work regularly.

We take a brief and listen to your issues and concerns, desires and wishes . We’ll then bring a concept design and a budget to you (broken down bit by bit) so you know exactly what’s included. If you like what we have done and you’re happy to appoint us, we will then:

  • Obtain license to alter from your Landlord
  • Inform Building Control of the impending works
  • Complete sub-contract procurement
  • Health & Safety Management
  • Fulfil CDM Regulations (if required)
  • Produce a programme of works
  • Build it…
  • Project Manage it
  • Install IT Infrastructure
  • Furnish it

Relocate you and make sure all is where it should be… job done!

Well no not really, we never leave you. We are always ready to sort out those tweaks, changes or snags that crop up occasionally. It’s all about service.


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