Space Planning

2d Space Layout

If what you need is a CAD service to document your layouts or survey and digitise your buildings, we can do that for you in a DWG & PDF format.

Occupancy numbers

We can work out for you the maximum number of staff you can accommodate and how those staff can fit best in your current or potential building. Whatever the size or make-up of your company we help you get the best out of your office space.

Looking for something more strategic?

Many organisations miss the chance when moving or refurbishing to think about what operational areas can be made more effective, for example, introducing new ways of working to harness the enthusiasm new technology and design advances can have on the human psychology. Through ‘responsivesmalllogo‘ we will swing the pendulum with you to come up with ground breaking ideas that will inspire, enthuse and stimulate your staff and clients and help you save money long term too.

Workplace analysis

Have you got too much space or think you have not got enough? Our workplace analysis will tell you. It can show you just how many workplaces are needed day 2 day, how many meeting room bookings are wasted by non attendance as well as a whole host of other information… then you’ll know what to do next!

Space Calculation

Need to know quickly how much space you should be looking for? Our ‘Space calculator’ will help you define your space requirements, and no, we’re not talking about the same thing as NASA! Of course, if you use some of the above services, that space could be less than you think! Now there’s a thought…

Occupation studies and workplace audits

Are you fitting your space correctly or wasting money? From a few days studying and a lot of information gathering we’ll tell you the answer and have some options for you to consider. That has got to be worth doing… hasn’t it?

Something for nothing?

If you want to make use of our space planning service and then continue to the solution or fit out phase, we will refund you the cost of the space plan and or survey.


"Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works."Steve Jobs – Founder Of Apple