We are thrilled to have been appointed as the UK distributor for the Twinform office furniture range. This high quality Netherlands based manufacturer produces general and executive furniture that combines style with grace to create timeless, desirable products that will set your office apart. The ranges include a large selection of workstations, executive products, ergonomic seating and comfy second space products. Our relationship with Twinform has developed over the years with Mx2 Interiors working on a number of high end solutions for VISA Worldwide, Reed Exhibitions, Earl Crown and many more.


One Off

The One Off furniture program characterised by its 45 °stainless steel legs is a desirable executive workstation and workstation/meeting table programme for the discerning user. The range includes Workstations, workstations and meeting table combinations, a large variety of meeting configurations with complimentary sideboards.


When style matters the ALU programme sets you apart from the rest. The options for desktops, frames and colour combinations are endless. The storage solutions help to set the scene and create impressions of quality and style.

Alu Duo

The essence of TwinForm DUO is 2-in-1. The tops are independent but share the same frame allowing individual height adjustment, an ‘animated’ workstation you may say! The system adapts for not only Alu, but T Stage and T Basic too. Complimentary screens and unique storage solutions will suit all types of organisations.


Balance is a unique table system with a unique cantilever frame offering undisturbed seating positions around the whole table in a wide variety of combinations. Ideal for that ‘Executive’ or ‘client’ suite.

Ex Works

The ExWorks range is characterised by its ‘open beams’ on both ends of the table and
the floating desktops. The beams are available in various sizes, making it possible to create
single workstations and multiple, interlinked workstations. Also suitable for large workbenches,
meeting and conference setups.

Flex Box Duo

The Flexbox is a compact, economical storage unit suitable for PC and Thin Client. The box can be mounted both centrally and on the outside of a bench and gives each work place a bright and clean look.

Ix Vitrium

ix Vitrum material list stands for transparency and openness. The stainless steel and glass delivers a workplace and meeting area in a clear and above all uncompromising character.


Kwarto is a work program of panel end construction with a functional shelf unit with room for files, a CPU and screen. Besides many standard features Kwarto has the ability to customise for your particular office and conference needs

One Off 10

Striking in appearance the One Off10 program is a young and dynamic design with a distinctive shaped chassis. The chassis construction knows no limits in creating impressionable solutions for management and meeting set ups.


The construction of the modular +4 range makes it possible to create a variety of height and size solutions. Simple and compound tables +4 Modular is available in three versions: low tables, bar tables and tables to sitting height. By using solid core sheets this program gets a sleek and modern look and is timelessly elegant and durable.


Every now and then a product comes along that takes its market to another level. The T-blokx is a new generation of work and meeting solutions bringing real ergonomics to the executive level and beyond. It is characterized by the central height adjustable column that allows for both seated and standing work and combines meeting solutions that compliment. The column bases can be provided in a wide range of leaf-shapes and designs. A solution for the ground breakers!

More Twinform ranges

Twinform design and manufacture workplace solutions with an emphasis on the form and then combining the function. Clean lines abound on the ranges covering seating, tables, storage and bespoke solutions. Here is just a small taster of some of the other ranges. Talk to Mx2 Interiors to find the right solution for you.

"Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design"Charles Eames – Designer