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We have over time developed a few useful bits of information and this, along with LinkedIn, Twitter  & Facebook this is where we share that information. From time to time it may be empty as we endeavour to keep the news and information fresh, relevant and informative.

WHITE PAPER – ‘Strangers in the office’.

Right now we have a White Paper commissioned by Kinnarps the Swedish Office Furniture giant, written by Dr Rob Stuthridge, PhD, CPE MIES arguing that modern office design could create ‘Strangers in the office’.
Mx2 Interiors are delighted to have been asked to contribute content to this white paper on the tricky issues facing many a Facilities Manager, Office Manager or Company Director. It discusses how modern technology is creating a workforce not yet encountered in the workplace and what the impact is of the technological and cultural demands of these people.

We’d love to hear your views on the paper and especially the issues facing you in your office. Send an email to and we’ll have a think about how you could overcome them and let you know.


We have a handy couple of pages of tips on how to approach either relocation or refurbishment.
You are welcome to have this as we think it will help you. It may have one or two things that can easily get forgotten.

“I can’t hear you…” or perhaps more relevant, “I can hear too much…!”

Something we discuss too often with clients. It’s a false economy to look for too many savings on partition costs on your fit out. The most acoustically sound solution is to build to the slab above the ceiling and fill cavity and voids with insulation. Even then, the dark knight of noise can still seep through elsewhere. So don’t be fooled by your partition specification, check and check again. Otherwise, we have some natty acoustic solutions that help with colourful and dynamic interior solutions. So again… talk to us for solutions.

Acoustic Solutions by Mx2 Interiors Ltd


In our network of suppliers and specialists there is a huge bank of knowledge and information. When we see something of interest be it a new product, some new legislation, tips or facts to consider we’ll share it here. Again, it may help you.

If you’d like to share something with us do let us know. Send us an e mail with what you have and we’ll share it here. We are after all, here to help others.

“I have worked with Mx2 on several projects during the past 12 years. Mx2 are very professional, enthusiastic and trustworthy, full of good ideas and have a good knowledge of the products they work with. We have worked on beautiful projects together where Mx2 have provided their customers with TwinForm furniture. Mx2 are a real pleasure to work with!”Jacqueline Kuijper – Inspiring office life