Are you thinking about revamping your office space? That’s great! But before you dive straight in, we’d love to offer you a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your commercial office refurbishment.

1) Make Function a Priority

So, you’re beginning to brainstorm ideas for your new office space. Are you instantly thinking about the aesthetics and how it might look? We get it if you are! However, one key factor to truly harness the power of a new office space is putting functionality first. Dedicating some time to understanding what your team needs to operate at their best is where we recommend starting. Consider creating areas that promote collaboration, focus, and comfort. Why not ask your team what would help their productivity and overall workplace enjoyment? Taking this holistic approach and considering a range of factors will ensure your space works for you and your team!

2) Keep Ergonomics in Mind

Don’t overlook the importance of ergonomics in creating a workplace where your team can thrive. Ergonomics is the science of creating the perfect fit between the product, the purpose and the person using it. Creating harmony between all three ensures workplace productivity and comfort. Investing in ergonomic furniture and space design prioritises your employees’ well-being so they can be comfortable doing what they do best! 

Think about adjustable desks and chairs that accommodate different body types and preferences, and adding ergonomic accessories such as keyboard trays and monitor arms to adapt to everyone’s needs. Considering the layout of workstations can also minimise strain and fatigue, incorporating natural lighting and greenery to create a more inviting environment that stimulates conversation, collaboration and comfort.

Trust us, your team will thank you!

3) Budget Wisely

When planning an office refurbishment, it’s crucial to be smart about your finances. Set a budget and stick to it, focusing your resources where they’ll have the most impact while avoiding unnecessary splurges.

How can you do this? Becoming wise to your budget is simpler than you may imagine. Estimating the cost of major expenses, including furniture, fixtures, and construction work, will give you a clearer vision of where most of your spend will go. This will help you to start thinking about any smaller, additional costs such as fees, permits, and budgeting for those pesky unexpected costs.

Remember to allow yourself some wriggle room! Having the freedom to make changes without the temptation to overspend will keep you focused on managing your expenses appropriately, delivering the maximum value for your investment.

4) Keep talking

Stay connected with your team during your office refurbishment! Share updates, listen to their thoughts, and welcome their input. Whether this is through meetings or emails, keep everyone informed about the refurbishment progress. Be open to feedback and ideas, and make sure to address any worries they may have. When everyone feels involved and informed, it creates a supportive atmosphere and makes the transition to the new workspace easier for everyone.

5) Think Ahead

Think ahead to make your office refurbishment flexible and sustainable for years to come. Consider how fast things change: technology, needs, or even your market. How will your new office space keep up with this?

Over time, your team size and working styles may change, so consider choosing furniture solutions that can adapt to the possibilities ahead and support not only your office but the environment too. By incorporating sustainable materials and energy-efficient technology into your refurbishment plan, you will reduce your environmental footprint and operating costs, saving money now and in the future.

Happy Office Refurbishment

With these considerations in mind, your office refurbishment journey will be off to a great start, ensuring a workspace that not only looks sharp but also fosters productivity and well-being among your team.

By thinking beyond appearance, and considering functionality first, you’re setting the stage for a workspace that meets the needs of your team today and in the future.

If any of this seems a little daunting, that’s okay. We are here to help. Whether you’re ready to dive into your refurbishment or just want some friendly advice, we’d love to help. We’re here to understand what you need and create a solution that fits.

Learn more about what we do or get in touch today.