“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

So said Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company and also our MD Tim! That’s why we love the job we did in Welwyn Garden City in leafy Hertfordshire for a client who wanted an office and somewhere to play.

So, we designed and built the ‘man cave’ of all ‘Man Caves’. An empty light industrial unit tucked away needed some deep thinking and a serious dollop of inspiration. Following the client’s brief of somewhere to rest, work and play we created a formula one style garage so he could build a racing car on the ground floor. Budget stopped the idea of lifting the car through the ceiling on a scissor lift with a blast of dry ice and was replaced with a glass floor and some magic film. But the budget didn’t stop the secret rest area on the sub-mezzanine from being accessed via secret stairs which presented themselves electronically out of the wall.

Wrap-around electronically controlled partitions gave him a chance to practice his Goldfinger impersonation from his office, whilst hidden doors kept the bathroom with jacuzzi away from prying eyes. Instead, multi-channel TVs and a pool table kept his friends entertained whilst drinking cocktails at the bar!

Why did we like this job so much? It was the challenge of making things do more than one thing and had never done before work like a dream. How do you get stairs to come out of a wall electronically? Ask us to create your dream interior and we’ll tell you!

Take a look at our pitch video.

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