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A thriving workplace is by design

We spend a lot of time in the workplace, be they offices, classrooms, or places of worship or hospitality. And most of us can attest to just how important that space is for our wellbeing. Whether it’s the kitchen area, the desk arrangement, the lighting, or the colours in the reception, we interact with our working environments, both consciously and subconsciously.

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And there’s no time the workplace is more important than now, as workers across the country are slowly moving back into it, in a very different kind of way from before.

As an employer, office/workplace solutions and design can make all the difference to your employees; their productivity, their satisfaction, their retention.

As an employee, the workspace you find yourself in can often be what draws the line between having good and bad days.

Things happen for a reason

Commercial Interior Design London work by Mx2 Interiors

When I founded Mx2 interiors, I was having a lot of bad days. A lot. In fact, I was so unhappy at work that for a long time, I had to stop working altogether. My working career in my then-workplace was about speed. Keeping pace. Closing sales. Reaching for higher commissions in the ever-churning corporate wheel. 

Employee happiness? No.

Even back then, my conversations with prospects had a tendency to drift to design and solutions as opposed to the number of desks or chairs I was trying to sell them. 

Why do you need 100 desks just because you have 100 people working at your office? 

What environment are you hoping to create for your employees?

Great workplace environments are not just for the wealthy…!

Sitting Chair - Mx2 Interiors

Mx2 Interiors came to life as I came back to it 2 years later, with a very simple idea in mind:

All interiors should be happy places.

When they are, all kinds of on-paper numbers magic happens. Employees stay for longer. Productivity grows sustainably. More people cross the threshold. The business ultimately thrives.

Now, all of those things sound great. Making them happen in real life for real businesses is a matter of comprehensive solution-mapping. I know that a lot of the time it feels overwhelming or even incomprehensible. 

But the beautiful thing is, there’s always a solution.

Good design is not just about how it looks

Round office Table with chair - Mx2 Interiors

No matter how impossible it seems to get that perfect workplace sorted for yourself and your employees or tenants, the solution is there. A comfortable, beautiful, and functional environment that ultimately supports the business in getting it to where it wants to go.

Mx2 is about uncovering that golden middle way; fitting all the pieces of the workplace puzzle together.  

That’s why I love my job now. 

We’re not just selling desks and chairs. We’re helping create entire working experiences for people. That’s what good fit-outs are about. Drawing up that line between good and bad days at work and making sure they wind up on the right side of it. 

Why make life harder than it already is?

Table with chair - Mx2 Interiors

Your job is hard enough, add a re-fit or relocation onto your workload & that stress multiplies. Our aim is simple; make life as calm & as enjoyable as possible. If your project is calm & structured, then we know you should be too. So, when clients say they never thought in their wildest dreams we could make what we’ve just made happen a reality. 

When we hand them back their keys and everything down to the last detail is carefully and purposefully planned out. 

When we can see how what we’ve just created might actually make someone happier going into work. 

Whether you’ve done it a million times before or just dipping your toe in the interior fit out design waters, the experience of finding and moulding the perfect solution should feel easy.

Let’s create that space together.

Learn more about how we make the impossible interior solution a reality.

“I know when I was a kid we used to throw the football out of a first floor window. We never went to a play space; the play space began immediately. Play was inspired, not organised.”

Louis Kahn – Architect


“Tim was a pleasure to work with, he has great vision and the practical skills to see his ideas realised & our dreams created. His very easy-going manner disguises his determination to get the very best for his clients.”

Private client

“Tim was involved in providing excellent solutions to customers and was always very professional in his approach. I enjoyed many years of working together and we were both involved in numerous challenging projects.”

Steven Bell – Supply Chain Manager

“Mx2 Interiors have proven to be an incredible business partner in our journey to buy and fit new build offices. I would 100% recommend Mx2 Interiors for clean and contemporary design, translating impossible dreams into creative reality.”

John Misselbrook – CFO

“Mx2 Interiors provided excellent support in design and construction in many fit-out and refurbishment projects. Their work has been always of an excellent standard, always helpful whilst working to tight timescales and budgets.”

Bill Waite – Head of Facilities & Property Projects

“I have worked with Tim on several projects. Tim is very professional, enthusiastic and trustworthy, full of good ideas and has a good knowledge of the products he works with.”

Jacqueline Kuijper – van Hierden

“Excellent attention to detail in the planning and execution. Tim really works hard to understand the brief and always has excellent ideas to help.”

Alan Jones – Group Head of Property

“Tim provided me with an excellent service as furniture and workspace consultant. He understood the client’s requirements, worked creatively within budget and time constraints, and most importantly managed the delivery of a quality product.”

Marcus Wroe – Director

“Mx2 masterminded a complicated fit out project within a very tight timescale from inception to handover. The project was delivered on time and within budget.”

Phil Haworth – Group Surveyor

“Mx2 is a very reliable company. They deliver quality projects on time, and the team are a pleasure to work with. I know I don’t need to worry about anything. Tim organises everything and has the right people for each job.”

Natasha Irvine – Facilities Manager

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