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Everything we do, we do for a handful of clients.

That means a stronger partnership, a better process for all parties involved, and a brilliant, finished space.

Space Planning - Mx2 Interiors

Space planning the big scheme of things

It’s kind of in the name, and it may also sound simple, but planning out a space to turn it into a marvellous space that actually supports your business takes a lot of work. It includes things like:

  • 2D space layout, to document layouts or survey and digitise your building
  • Occupancy details, to understand current usage, popular and underutilised areas and how best to mix solutions in your current or new building
  • Strategic space planning, to harness the enthusiasm new technology and design advances can have on the human psyche
  • Workplace analysis, to figure out whether your current or potential space is right for you
  • Space calculation, to learn how much space you should actually be looking for
  • Occupation studies and workplace audits, to understand whether you’re fitting your space correctly or wasting your money
Interior Design Mx2 Interiors

Interior design where the puzzle pieces come together

Any building  has the potential for to be an amazing space. Interior design is the process of making that happen. The space you’re in should support the overarching, long-term goals of your business, and that’s exactly what we’re passionate about doing:

  • Iterate a design from start to finish, so when combined with great space planning and factual occupation information you finish with a well-designed space that will increase productivity, creativity and morale
  • Develop a brief, to help you with colours, looks, and ideas
  • Bring a finished design to life using with our qualified construction teams, so you can hand over the keys, and come back to the space of your dreams
  • Evaluate possibilities in a strategic review, to ensure your design supports where you want to go in the long run
Design and build - Mx2 Interiors

Design and build the complete fit-out

If you’ve been asked to move or refurbish, all kinds of worries are probably going through your head right now. The complete fit-out is where we help you design your new space to perfection, and then build it, furnish it, and polish it to completion, too:

  • The concept design from start to finish, so you get your ideas transformed into beautiful interior design
  • The technical design from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about checking all the boxes yourself
  • The entire build with our professional team, from start to finish, so you don’t have to deal with more than one partner on your interior design and fit out journey
  • The furnishing and IT infrastructure installation, so you can move into your new space smiling from ear to ear
Project management - Mx2 Interiors

Project management where we take things off your hands

Taking a building to a finished space is a substantial process. There’s a lot of moving parts, and with our project management, we oversee them all. This means a smoother experience for you that’s both more cost-efficient and time-saving:

  • Site management, so the first time you walk into your new space is when it’s finished
  • Risk assessments and Healthy and Safety documentation, so you don’t need to re-educate yourself as a legislation expert
  • Construction Design Management (CDM), so you can rest easy knowing everything has been designed with safety in mind to keep your site in order
  • Procurement management, so you don’t need to worry about what to purchase when and from where
  • Project brief development, so you have someone holding your hand from the ideation stage of your new space
  • Sub-contract procurement and management, so you’re sure the right professionals are on the right jobs
  • Planning approval, so you don’t have to deal with the bureaucracy of getting started
Furniture Mx2 Interiors

Furniture consultancy making sure everything’s just right

Furniture is the potential for a truly enjoyable experience in any given space. And there’s a lot of alternatives out there. What you need is the right furniture for the kind of vibe you’re after, and that’s what we specialise in, too:

  • Trade prices and manufacturer relationships, to get you the best value and a wider choice of furniture design
  • Evaluation of existing furniture against your criteria, to check whether you’re in need of new furniture or perhaps not using your current furniture in the best way to support your business development
  • Furniture procurement, to help you identify, select, and buy the perfect furnishings for your space at the best possible cost
  • Bespoke furniture, to get you in touch with furniture craftsmen and women if off-the-peg isn’t right for you
High Office at Mx2 Interiors

Leasing when you want more flexibility for your space

Leasing isn’t just for IT solutions or company vehicles – you can lease your fit-out, too. We’re proud to work with a selection of the UK’s best leasing companies that specialise in the furniture and fit-out market, helping you find the best flexible solution for your space. Here’s why leasing might be a good option:

  • You can finance your move or refit without the massive capital. 100% tax allowable
  • You can “rent” your project from our funder and offset payments against taxable profit
  • You can spread your payments over a period of up to five years
  • You can overcome budget limitations and ease your cash flow
  • You can retain your working capital to invest in other strategically important areas
  • You can get help from our finance experts with Capital Allowances claims

“Good design is good business.”

Thomas J Watson


“Mx2 masterminded a complicated fit out project within a very tight timescale from inception to handover. The project was delivered on time and within budget.”

Phil Haworth – Group Surveyor

“Mx2 Interiors provided excellent support in design and construction in many fit-out and refurbishment projects. Their work has been always of an excellent standard, always helpful whilst working to tight timescales and budgets.”

Bill Waite – Head of Facilities & Property Projects

“Mx2 Interiors have proven to be an incredible business partner in our journey to buy and fit new build offices. I would 100% recommend Mx2 Interiors for clean and contemporary design, translating impossible dreams into creative reality.”

John Misselbrook – CFO

“Tim was a pleasure to work with, he has great vision and the practical skills to see his ideas realised & our dreams created. His very easy-going manner disguises his determination to get the very best for his clients.”

Private client

“Tim provided me with an excellent service as furniture and workspace consultant. He understood the client’s requirements, worked creatively within budget and time constraints, and most importantly managed the delivery of a quality product.”

Marcus Wroe – Director

“Excellent attention to detail in the planning and execution. Tim really works hard to understand the brief and always has excellent ideas to help.”

Alan Jones – Group Head of Property

“Tim was involved in providing excellent solutions to customers and was always very professional in his approach. I enjoyed many years of working together and we were both involved in numerous challenging projects.”

Steven Bell – Supply Chain Manager

“I have worked with Tim on several projects. Tim is very professional, enthusiastic and trustworthy, full of good ideas and has a good knowledge of the products he works with.”

Jacqueline Kuijper – van Hierden

“Mx2 is a very reliable company. They deliver quality projects on time, and the team are a pleasure to work with. I know I don’t need to worry about anything. Tim organises everything and has the right people for each job.”

Natasha Irvine – Facilities Manager

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