Why interior design & fit-out?

So you’ve got the space – now you just need to get it ready. Piece of cake, right?

Unless you’re a professional, not so much.

Interior design is the process of taking an empty building and turning it into a perfect place to be. If you’re struggling with how to design your space, what to put in it, and which decisions to make in order to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible, interior design is also the thing that’s going to take all your worries off your plate.

A building is a blank canvas – this is the work to a finished painting. And when you work with professionals, you’re actually going to love it.

Interior design and fit out means a smooth process

Interior design - Mx2 Interiors

There are a lot of steps in taking an empty space to a finished space.

When you work with an interior design and fit out company, those steps are mapped out, checked, checked again, and taken with care and purpose.

Everyone knows what’s been agreed upon. Everyone’s clear on contracts, timelines, costs, and areas of responsibility.

That knot you have in your stomach when you wake up thinking about how to fit out your space? Interior design and fit out will take that away.

Interior design and build means a lower cost

Indoor drink area - Mx2 Interiors

You know what they say. If you want it cheap, pay someone good to do it.

We did mention there’s a lot that goes into getting a building ready for use, right? Now, however you look at costs saved, interior design will help you out.

It’s more efficient – meaning you’ll spend less money on things you didn’t actually even need.

It checks the regulation boxes, so you avoid fines or other penalties down the line.

And it ensures higher productivity – meaning your space will earn your business more and cost you less in the long run.

What’s not to love about that?

Interior design means a better space

Office meeting area - Mx2 Interiors

Interior design strengthens your brand identity, simply because it gives you a space that works.

Something that fits your business, and that will allow your employees and visitors to thrive.

Well-designed spaces give way to better workflows, higher levels of creativity, happier employees, and better experiences.

That’s the potential of an empty building – and interior design done right maximises that potential.

Every space can be turned into an incredible space – interior design and fit out is the process of making that something incredible happen. Want to learn more about what interior design can do for your building’s potential?

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“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.”

Charles Eames – Designer


“Tim provided me with an excellent service as furniture and workspace consultant. He understood the client’s requirements, worked creatively within budget and time constraints, and most importantly managed the delivery of a quality product.”

Marcus Wroe – Director

“Tim was a pleasure to work with, he has great vision and the practical skills to see his ideas realised & our dreams created. His very easy-going manner disguises his determination to get the very best for his clients.”

Private client

“Tim was involved in providing excellent solutions to customers and was always very professional in his approach. I enjoyed many years of working together and we were both involved in numerous challenging projects.”

Steven Bell – Supply Chain Manager

“Mx2 Interiors provided excellent support in design and construction in many fit-out and refurbishment projects. Their work has been always of an excellent standard, always helpful whilst working to tight timescales and budgets.”

Bill Waite – Head of Facilities & Property Projects

“Excellent attention to detail in the planning and execution. Tim really works hard to understand the brief and always has excellent ideas to help.”

Alan Jones – Group Head of Property

“Mx2 masterminded a complicated fit out project within a very tight timescale from inception to handover. The project was delivered on time and within budget.”

Phil Haworth – Group Surveyor

“Mx2 is a very reliable company. They deliver quality projects on time, and the team are a pleasure to work with. I know I don’t need to worry about anything. Tim organises everything and has the right people for each job.”

Natasha Irvine – Facilities Manager

“Mx2 Interiors have proven to be an incredible business partner in our journey to buy and fit new build offices. I would 100% recommend Mx2 Interiors for clean and contemporary design, translating impossible dreams into creative reality.”

John Misselbrook – CFO

“I have worked with Tim on several projects. Tim is very professional, enthusiastic and trustworthy, full of good ideas and has a good knowledge of the products he works with.”

Jacqueline Kuijper – van Hierden

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